A Note from the CEO

Ed Hambleton
Dear supporters of Restore, Later this week we will be advertising for a new Chief Executive to lead Restore as it continues in its mission to provide accommodation and support to people in York who would otherwise be homeless. Ten years ago, a group of enthusiastic and ambitious Christians gathered together in each other’s homes to talk about serving the poorest people in society. They had been brought together by God through different circumstances, experiences and relationships after realising they shared the same vision for a city cleansed of the injustice of homelessness. Over the course of several meetings we chipped away at the giant boulder in front of us until the vision crystallised and the mission could be articulated. A decade later, our mission remains unchanged.

The charity of Restore (York) Limited was founded in December 2010 and seven months later we opened our doors to our first ever tenant. Since then 176 people from York have been housed in our properties. Dozens of those people have gone on to live in independent accommodation. Many of them stay in touch with us and visit the office to say hello. They have re-entered the workforce, overcome addictions, formed new relationships, gained access to higher education, and been baptised. They have been restored, but the work goes on. We are still working for justice, we are still housing people who need it most, we are still bringing that original vision into focus.

For me however, there is a changing of the seasons. Over the last year I have been studying for a Graduate Diploma in Theology and Church Ministry. This has been the direction of travel for me and my family over several years, and after prayerful consideration we feel it is right to commit to this path. Sadly, it means that it is also the right time for me to step aside from my role as CEO of Restore and allow new leadership to flourish. The work of Restore has been a huge part of life for my whole family over the last decade and we will remain passionate and supportive of the work.

There are too many people to thank, but at risk of missing someone out, here goes!

  • Thank you to my wife and children who have faithfully supported me and the charity from its inception. It is a ministry that couldn’t have gotten off the ground and been sustained for so long without their wilful sacrifice.
  • Thank you to the members of the board and staff who have contributed over the years. Not all superheroes wear capes, but our staff perform miracles in our residents’ lives on a daily basis.
  • To our partners, Green Pastures. Their kindness, support and advice enabled us to launch Restore in 2010, and they continue to inspire us to think big and pray big.
  • To our volunteers and supporters. The hours you have spent serving our residents, praying for them, and financially supporting our work has been the wind in our sails to keep us going through several storms.
  • Finally, to God, for planting a vision within us, making us custodians of this mission, and faithfully providing for us each day.

With much affection,

Ed Hambleton


Restore (York) Limited