It takes more than providing a home to transform a life. 


Restore manages a range of houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) around York. Each house will have several people living in them with a private, lockable bedroom, and sharing communal facilities. We pride ourselves on providing safe, secure and high-quality accommodation for our residents. We ensure this by having house rules, and by staff visiting every property each week and conducting an inspection every month.


We employ a team of Housing Support Workers to work alongside our residents. It is their job to light a path out of the problems faced by our residents, whatever those problems might be. Each resident signs up to a bespoke support plan tailored to their needs, and meets with their support worker regularly throughout their time with Restore to work towards specific goals and objectives. Sometimes this involves referrals to other specialist organisations.


We encourage our residents to engage in a range of areas so that the whole of their lives can be restored, not just their need for a place to sleep at night. Our engagement covers things such as education, training and employment, volunteering, counselling, mentoring, pursuit of hobbies, physical activity, and accessing the local church.


We believe that at our core we are relational beings. No man or woman is an island. Many of our residents have experienced long periods of social exclusion and isolation. Many do not have strong or positive social networks. Our aim is to provide a loving, supportive and enriching community for our residents through regular meals, social activities, and forming links with the wider community.

Moving On

Our hope is that through this support we will see the lives of our residents transformed. We hope to see people set free from addiction, people released from debt, broken relationships restored, destructive habits destroyed, and harmful mindsets renewed. At that point we long to see our residents move into their own independent accommodation, equipped with the skills, confidence and social capital to live a renewed life. We work alongside City of York Council and other private landlords to find suitable homes for our residents to move on to.


We have two properties designated as housing for refugees in York and liaise with partner organisations to find residents who meet this criteria. We provide support to our refugee residents who cannot return to their home country by helping them to navigate life in the U.K. and feel at home in York.


All our referrals are sent to us via the Single Access Point at City of York Council. These referrals are logged centrally and then sent to our office where they are risk assessed. If you would like to ask any questions about our referral and selection policies and procedures please get in touch at

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