REFERRAL process

We accept referrals from agencies and voluntary organisations only on the City of York SAP form.

Restore is an amazing organisation; kind, compassionate and caring but offering a truly practical service to people experiencing homelessness. The clients we have referred to Restore have had such a good experience and most have moved on with their lives in a really positive way and never look back.
Salvation Army (Early Intervention and Prevention Team)

Referral criteria

Restore exists to provide accommodation and support for people from York who would otherwise be homeless. We receive referrals from many different sources for people facing a wide variety of different issues. Our risk assessments, background checks and interview processes enable us to make good decisions about when it is right to offer someone accommodation. Unfortunately, due to the risks associated with some offending behaviour and lifestyle issues we cannot always offer accommodation. If you would like to know more about our referral process, please contact the office at

The process

All our referrals are sent to us via the Single Access Point at City of York Council. These referrals are logged centrally and then sent to our office where they are risk assessed. If an applicant passes the risk assessment they are called to an interview at our office where we discuss the information on their referral form, their hopes for the future, the expectations for residents living in a Restore property and our obligations to them.

If someone is found to be suitable for our project we will attempt to allocate them to suitable accommodation as soon as is practically possible. If you would like to ask any questions about our referral and selection policies and procedures please get in touch at

The Single Access Point referral form can be found online at the City of York Council website (or click on our links).

We love the model of Christian love, support and encouragement that Restore exhibit to those people who have fallen into difficult times and into homelessness.
Green Pastures Housing