He contacted the Salvation Army, who found him a place in a hostel. At first, after sleeping underneath his van, the hostel – with a room of his own and a private bathroom – felt like a blessing, but soon the chaotic nature of hostel life took its toll on Barrie. He stayed there for …

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Tom was offered and accepted a place in rehab, but just after he started this, he found out that his landlord was selling the house he lived in and he had received one month’s notice. This meant he would have nowhere to go once he completed his rehabilitation. He got put in touch with Restore …

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Gareth has a unique way of reflecting upon the circumstances that brought him to Restore. He is very much an optimist, who believes he was brought to Restore for a reason. He believes the lower points in his life have helped to define him and are shaping him to be the person he is meant …

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Rhiannon joined Restore in November 2021. She had been studying criminology at university when things got rough for her and she dropped out during her third year.


Mike was working in a factory and living in a rental property that was for sale. He was having problems at work, and when the house sold and he had to move out, he had a breakdown.



Sam became homeless in 2016, when his marriage ended and the pressures of life became overwhelming.