Brian's Story

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‘Brian’ (not real name) joined Restore in February 2022. His situation changed due to a relationship breakdown, and a lack of extended family meant he had nowhere else to turn, so he became homeless. Brian briefly stayed in a Salvation Army Nap-Pad before transferring to Restore. The Salvation Army staff filled out a referral for him and he moved in quite soon thereafter.

For a lot of years, Brian had felt like he’d “lost himself.” He had shut himself off and he lost trust in other people. That began to change when he moved into a Restore shared house. Brian says that living at Restore gave him a community around him that he’d not had for a long time. He made lifelong friends among his fellow residents and was really impressed with how his support worker was willing to do whatever it took to help him. He acknowledges that he went through “dark times” during his stay at Restore, but felt that he always had someone who he could talk to. He appreciated the opportunities to participate in social activities and trips. He started attending church and Bible study.

When the time came to think about moving on, he initially felt anxious at the thought of living on his own, because he worried that his mental health would suffer when he was alone for extended periods of time. However, his support worker helped him to see that living alone doesn’t have to mean he is isolated. The support network he has built up through Restore is still available to him and that knowledge gave him the confidence to start bidding on council tenancies. After about three months on the list for a council property, he was allocated a flat and signed for his keys the following day. He’s really happy with his flat and has gained a sense of achievement from putting his own personal stamp on it to make it feel like home. Now he wants to “give back” and be there for other people in the way Restore was there for him. He’s getting involved in our peer support group and is volunteering to do some cookery training with current residents. He plans to undertake a university qualification and use that to further his career prospects within his area of interest. Brian describes the impact of Restore as:

making you feel worthy…like you’ve got a purpose.

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