Chelsea's Story

Chelsea graduating
Chelsea works as an assistant at a primary school in York and loves her work. She also recently graduated in business management and is now assessing her options. Chelsea has now moved into her own flat.

A few years ago, graduation looked very difficult. Chelsea had been unable to continue her course while she was treated for an eating order and while she worked through difficulties back home in Grimsby. After leaving the health unit, she began getting life back on track.

At Restore we worked with her through a period of steady improvement where she received counselling and support for several anxiety-related issues. After a year she was able to go back to university and complete her degree.

I decided to take the next step to living independently, and I was put in touch with Restore. I moved in to my house with Restore and was there for a year. I then moved into supported accommodation for two years, and now I have recently moved into my own place. I'm busy decorating now and it's going well.

When I first came here I was anxious about living with other people, but Restore make sure that people in each house are compatible. You can keep yourself to yourself if you want to, or make friends. I like that Restore is not just about finding you somewhere to live. There's a lot more than that. Each person's support plan is centred on their needs and then you get a lot of support. When I came to Restore, I was unsure what to do about finishing my degree back in Grimsby and Restore were really helpful with that and we looked into courses. I'm also really into art and Restore helped me to get some equipment so I could still do that, which was great, and I got some funding for some counselling when I needed it. I also didn't know much about the benefit system, and I got help with that.

Another time I was struggling again with my eating disorder and my support worker could see what was happening and was my voice at that time, and she contacted the team to get me support. I went back to Grimsby for a couple of months then Restore gave me another chance and I was able to move forward. If Restore had not been there and given me the chance, I do not know where I would have been. I would not be in York; I’d have had to go back. Restore do not give up on people. They support you however they can. They are person-centred and do not just treat everyone the same. I really liked that. I had no idea anywhere like Restore existed. I knew about hostels and private rented accommodation but it’s quite rare to have this step giving opportunities to people.

People come to Restore for a reason, and they are then given the opportunity to get support with life skills. It’s not just a roof over their head; it’s so much more than that. I would 100% not have been able to stay in York had it not been for Restore. I sometimes wonder where I would be if not here. I would probably be back where I was before, which was not the right place for me. Restore gave me so much support and has enabled me to be independent for the first time. Restore has given so many people that opportunity, to move forward and be independent.

I love working with kids and now that I have the degree, Restore have been helping me to look at the next steps. I’ve enrolled on a child-care course in York and have placements and it’s going well. I’d like to work in a school, primarily with younger kids I think.


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