Gareth's Story

Gareth joined Restore in early summer 2022 after a relationship breakdown left him homeless. He had been in a local hostel for a few weeks before he was referred to us.

Gareth has a unique way of reflecting upon the circumstances that brought him to Restore. He is very much an optimist, who believes he was brought to Restore for a reason. He believes the lower points in his life have helped to define him and are shaping him to be the person he is meant to be. His experience living in a Restore property and being supported by our team was an incredibly positive one. The shared experience of his fellow housemates helped him to feel comfortable and he describes Restore as feeling ‘like one big family.’ He has made friends, both with fellow residents and staff members, and now feels that he has a stronger support network around him than he did before he came to Restore.

He thoroughly appreciates every opportunity that he has been given during his time at Restore and never passed up a chance to broaden his horizons whilst he was here. Whether it was biking at Dalby Forest, attending the pantomime or learning to make a trifle, he would always find a way to reflect on the experience: “Any opportunity passed my way by you guys I’ll take it with both hands, because it’s not just the day out, it’s what I learn from that day out. It’s the people skills, it’s the life lessons, it’s talking to the staff that take us, the lessons that they teach us; it’s been great, it’s been fantastic, it’s been nothing but a learning experience… If anyone’s offering any advice I take an interest in it, because … it might help you and you don’t realise that yet. I didn’t want to come into this, being homeless and being re-housed and stuff like that, with a chip on my shoulder, I just wanted to come into it and be able to go ‘right okay yes, this is a bad time in my life, but want am I going to learn from this that’s going to better my life?’ And then I can go forward and maybe not make the same mistakes again.” When he found out he’d been offered a council flat, Gareth could barely contain his excitement. He was very keen to get moved in and make it feel like home. He has appreciated having weekly support from Hilary to help him start this new chapter and is keen to find work and become “self-sufficient” again. As he reflects on what has been a challenging point in his life, he says:

You would never think this, from someone who was homeless and struggling to get back on their feet, but I’ve had such a nice time finding my feet again. It’s been a pleasurable experience and I’m grateful for it. This will shape me for the rest of my life. This will make me the person I‘ve been maybe searching for.

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