Jordan's Story

Jordan grew up in York but now lives with his wife Rachael in Worcestershire, where he is in the final year of a degree in performing arts and applied theology.

A decade ago, Jordan was in a very different place. He was 16 when his mum suddenly collapsed at work one night and died from a brain haemorrhage. Understandably, Jordan struggled to cope with the grief. He began drinking and fell in with a group of people that hindered rather than helped him, and at the age of 20, he was homeless and was sofa-surfing, with nowhere to turn. It was then that he was referred to Restore, and met Anne.

Anne worked closely with Jordan throughout his time at Restore, offering one-to-one support. She helped him to access professional help to tackle his alcohol issues, and helped Jordan to get back on track, with the help of a residential rehabilitation centre. During his residential rehab program Jordan met Rachael, who at the time was an employee of Teen Challenge. They became friends throughout Jordan’s program and after Jordan had finished the program they began chatting, started dating, and married just under two years ago. Furthermore, he has an amazing relationship with his family now, who have been nothing but supportive. Now that his own life has been restored, Jordan is keen that others can also access the support they might need. He hopes to go on to use the arts as a means of teaching and preaching the gospel, but he’s waiting to see where life takes him when he finishes his course, and is excited at the opportunities ahead.

I got my room with Restore on January 13, 2014 and I was there until September 2015. Anne was my key worker and she saved my life. Without Restore, I would be dead, I’m 100% certain. I was homeless and everyone was getting annoyed with me. There was so much pressure and all the doors seemed to be shutting on me. I had no one, but then Restore offered me somewhere to live and Anne was just amazing. I was lying to Anne at first about how much I was drinking and it was awful, but Anne never gave up on me. I just remember Anne constantly loving me and being there for me. She was absolutely incredible. She loved and loved me; I would be dead without Restore. So much is Government funded and is a means to an end. There’s a difference between housing organisations like Restore and others that are just putting people up. Restore offers so much more. There’s a real loving aspect to what they do and they really love and help you. All Glory to God for the amazing transformation and reconciliation in my life.


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