Rhiannon's Story

Rhiannon joined Restore towards the end of 2021. She lived in a hostel for a while, before being recommended to Restore as a potential resident.

Rhiannon joined Restore in November 2021. She had been studying criminology at university when things got rough for her and she dropped out during her third year.

After a period in a hostel, she moved into Restore accommodation. At first, Rhiannon was a bit wary and says it took her a few weeks to settle in. She noticed how much calmer the Restore house was compared to the hostel. She says, “I lived with some really nice girls…there was a sense of community.” Now that Rhiannon is feeling more settled and stable within herself, her goal is to go back and complete her degree. She’s looking forward to re-engaging with society more and is grateful for the help and support she has received throughout her time with Restore. Rhiannon says the turning point for her was going to the gym. Her housing support worker arranged this for her, and regular exercise really helped her to improve her attitude and outlook on life. After six months with Restore, Rhiannon was told she could start applying for council tenancies. “It was really quick,” she explains, “I got the first house I bid on, which I’ve heard is very uncommon.” But she wasn’t left to handle this all on her own, which helped her to feel calm about moving on:

“Restore were there every step, explaining what would happen, I never had to do anything on my own. So it was a really smooth transition.”

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