Support Workers to get Covid-19 Vaccinations

In these difficult days of Covid Lockdown, and across the country over 100,000 people have died, with a further 3,700,000 confirmed cases (, the need for a vaccine is probably the topic on most of our minds. It is great that many of our elderly community have been vaccinated alongside front-line staff in the NHS.

Public Health England have assessed that support workers providing essential services to vulnerable adults, such as our residents in Restore @RestoreYork houses, are to also to be included in vaccinations for front-line staff. The City of York Council @CityofYork have acted fast, and our whole team of Housing Support Workers are being booked in to receive their vaccination. This is really good news!

Thankfully, no resident has (so far) tested positive for Covid. Whilst we have done everything possible to minimise the risk, our dedicated Support Workers have continued to visit our residents to provide essential help. Their receiving the vaccine just makes their job that much safer to do.

I will just have to be patient before I am eligible to receive my vaccine. But I am safely tucked up at home where my new office enables me to stay safe.

I also hope you can also stay safe.

Duncan Craig

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